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Availability is everything!

Changing consumer behaviour brings both new shoppers and new occasions to every category in-store. As shopper habits have shifted, Mars Wrigley has identified a wide range of gum occasions, including an evolution of traditional ‘on the go’ purchase missions.

With more than half of all gum purchases unplanned—65% of gum purchases are made on impulse1—it has never been more important for retailers to make gum available and easily visible for every shopper, every trip.

Ensuring core products in popular formats, including gum bottles, are always available and merchandised effectively will in turn boost planned and incremental purchases.

Drive Sales

  • EXTRA® is the third-largest confectionery brand for independent retailers2 with core flavours being Peppermint and Spearmint

  • An average convenience store sells 100 cases of Wrigley gum a year

Don’t miss out on the sales opportunity

Make sure you capture your share of these growing chewing gum sales occasions. Watch our brief video to find out more


Gum is the 2nd most profitable product per square foot in store

Gum is 4 times more impulsive than water

1 in 3 people chew gum

Gum is the No. 1 snacking product consumed in the car

More than 50% of gum occasions take place in the morning.

This is a great time to remind shoppers that gum is a complementary purchase, particularly as consumers are increasingly returning to workplaces and picking up their morning coffee at local stores.



More than 40% of consumers share that they choose to chew gum simply because they enjoy it. This occasion is helping to drive the sales of fruity flavours like EXTRA Refreshers— 90% of consumers like or love the range.5


Traditionally seen as an on-the-go only purchase, consumers also engage with gum in active and non-active leisure contexts – this could be gaming or working out, or simply relaxing at home. Core consumer appeal is around finding focus in a busy world – and gum helps consumers to do this.

Freshen Breath

This remains the number one reason to chew gum with 65% of consumers reporting they chew gum to freshen their breath. This could be after a meal, following a cup of coffee or whilst wearing a face mask.

46% of gum shoppers will not buy gum if the product they want is not available3 so ensure you stock the right range


Extra Peppermint Pellets
Extra Spearmint Pellets
Extra White Bubblemint Pellets
Airwaves Menthol & Eucalyptus Pellets
Extra Cool Breeze Pellets


Extra Peppermint Pellets
Extra Spearmint Pellets
Extra White Bubblemint Pellets
Airwaves Menthol & Eucalyptus Pellets
Extra Refreshers
Wrigley’s best-selling gum SKUs


Enjoyment is the second biggest reason to chew gum globally1 which is why fruity gum flavours are a must-stock:

  • ¼ of the UK gum market value is generated from fruity gum sales2
  • Nearly 50% of gum consumption comes from Gen Z, with fruit-flavoured gum over indexing with under 25-year-olds3

[1] Mars Wrigley internal case study
[2] Nielsen Total coverage, MAT 6/11/21
[3] Kantar World Panel- TGI sourcing UK

Merchandising & Planograms

Gum Displays Generate £2,000 Worth of Sales Per Year on Average

Which planogram is right for you?

Core Fixture

The essential range to maximise sales within a limited space

Primary Fixture - below the till

For those with a bit more space to stock a wider range of flavours and formats and appeal to the widest range of shoppers

Secondary Fixture-on counter

Classic counter top display with best sellers and a range of formats to make the most of the opportunity

Expanded Fixture

For those with the most space to increase range and space given to our popular and profitable bottle formats

Merchandising Tips

  • 1. Visibility:

    Place popular SKUs just below eye level, at ‘buy level’, to take advantage of incremental sales. Moving chewing gum from below to above the counter is proven to drive a 20% increase in sales4.

  • 2. NPD:

    Champion new products in store in order to raise sales and capitalise on early consumer demand – a secondary siting by the till can boost both awareness and sales.
  • 3. Secondary Siting:

    Effective secondary siting alongside core till point merchandising can boost impulse sales with all shoppers as more than half of all gum purchases are unplanned.
  • 4. Use Point of Sale:

    Increase awareness of new campaigns or new products by making use of point of sale in store. Consumers will be intrigued by what they can see.

Category Advice

Remaining on top of consumer trends and knowing what to stock are key for driving gum sales. Learn more about how to maximise your gum opportunity with Mars Wrigley below.

Why do people chew gum?

New Occasions, New Consumers

Gum on the go

Gum in 2022

What to chew?

Get your merchandising right

Get a bit extra

Stay in touch with Mars Wrigley

“Traditional ways of consuming gum are evolving. On-the-go remains a crucial occasion for purchasing gum, however, users are engaging with gum in both active and non-active leisure contexts such as gaming, exercising or simply relaxing at home. Core consumer appeal is around refreshment and finding focus in a busy world and gum helps consumers to do this whenever and wherever they are.”

Lauren George, External Communications Manager at Mars Wrigley

For more information, call the equipment Wrigley hotline on 01788545573 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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